Guía Turístico


  • Estudios mínimos


  • Experiencia mínima

    Al menos 3 años

  • Requisitos mínimos

    University degree or Sumiller or wide experience in jobs related to the description
    – At least 5 years driving license
    – Very fluent English is an absolute must.
    – Experience working as a tour guide or at a winery or wine-related company or as a sumiller is needed.
    – Enough experience as a tour guide or wine expert is a clear advantage
    – Candidate must enjoy driving
    – Experience running wine tastings is an advantage
    – Spanish driving license and possibility to demonstrate being a responsible driver.


We are seeking for tour guides based in Madrid that cooperate in the long term with Turismodevino is Spain´s leading provider of wine tours.
This opportunities implies running tours 10 days every month, January – December.

We are looking for tour guides (guias turisticos) and / or wine experts (sumiller o similar) who want to share his/her passion for Spanish wines with small groups of tourists in our wine and cultural tours from Madrid.
We are looking for a person who is fluent in English, very formal and punctual, friendly and sociable, and who enjoys driving and meeting people from different parts of the world. All tours include cultural components. This implies that the candidate must have a good understanding of Spanish geography, be interested in Spanish history and culture, and is ready to learn about the specifics of each tour.
The candidate must also be passionate about Spanish food and gastronomy.
Tours run from Madrid and can be 1 day tours or multiday tours which imply spending from 1 to 4 nights.
The contract is for a monthly rate of 1.400 € net for 10 days of tour guiding. Very interesting customers tips are on top.

  • Tipo de industria de la oferta


  • Categoría

    Turismo y restauración – Turismo

  • Nivel


  • Personal a cargo


  • Número de vacantes


  • Salario

    Salario: 1.500€ – 1.800€ Bruto/mes

  • Beneficios sociales

    Otros beneficios: Propinas muy interesantes

guia turistico

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